Oxipane is an innovation high-temperature non-woven material from chopped polyacrylonitrile fiber. Depending on the field of application, it can be duplicated by various materials, for instance, aramid tissue, glass fabric, etc.

Can be used as an efficient heat protection in the temperature regime below 300-450 °С, as an incombustible lining for sewing working clothes, as a fire barrier membrane in the production of soft furniture and seats in public transport, and for filtration of hot gases. The material with a surface density of 200 g/m² sustains open burner fire (1050 °С) for 5–6 min without scorching.

Oxipane is produced according to TU 8397-002-45680943-2010

Fields of application:

Manufacturing of filters: Oxipane filters vapors and aerosols of acids, alkalis, and solvents, including those heated to 450 °С. The use of filters based on oxipane makes it possible to improve ecological environment on territories adjacent to metallurgical complexes, enterprises producing cement, pulp-and-paper mills, chemical complexes, and a series of other enterprises related to production of harmful products.

Heat protection: Oxipane exceeds other heat-protective and fire-resistant materials in the temperature range below 150 °С. Upon the action of temperatures higher than 450 °С oxipane retains its physical and protection properties, does not burn, does not melt, does not flow, and does not maintain combustion. In the heat insulation regime, oxipane works in the temperature range from 300 to 450 °С, and in the heat insulation regime it sustains open fire for 10–15 min at 700 °С. Oxipane or non-woven materials with oxipane additives are used as protective membranes in seats of airplanes, trains, and other public transport. The use of oxipane retards fire propagation and, as a consequence, ejection of toxic substances.

Sewing of working clothes: Oxipane is a fire-proof material in nature and designed for increasing the fire-proof and heat insulation properties of working clothes. An oxipane lining possess a low heat conductance and, as a consequence, possesses a decrease in the thermal effect on the human organism. For manufacturing of working clothes, oxipane can be applied both in the pure form and in a mixture with polyether fibers.

Manufacturing of soft furniture and mattresses: Oxipane or non-woven materials with oxipane additives are used for manufacturing of soft furniture and mattresses as a protective layer of the filler. Oxipane prevents ignition and combustion of the filler.

Oxipane is supplied as rolls.