Full-strength and unidirectional tissues

Full-strength and unidirectional tissues are produced from domestic and foreign carbon braids. Different types of tissues are available:
— by composition (from carbon fibers, glass-reinforced fiber, aramid and combined fibers);
— by structure (linen weave, serge, sateen).

— resistance to aggressive media;
— resistance to radiation;
— high tensile strength;
— electrical conductance;
— high elasticity modulus;
— high thermal stability, grouped as a poorly inflammable material.

Carbon tissues correspond to the requirements and values indicated in the table.

Parameter Standard High-strength High-modulus
Width, mm ≤1500
Surface density, g/m² 80-1000
Density of carbon fiber, g/cm³ 1,73 1,8 1,84
Breaking tensile stress, MPa 3600-4000 5900 4100
Tensile modulus of elasticity, GPa 230-240 280 430
Thickness of monolayer, wall, mm 0,08- 1,0

Field of application:
— aircraft building;
— rocket production;
— motor-car industry;
— engine industry;
— motor sport;
— shipbuilding;
— production of sport inventory;
— building.