Soft carbon felt

Soft carbon felt is produced by the graphitization of a non-woven carbon-containing material. The necessary condition for the production of highly pure materials is a low ash content. Soft carbon felt satisfies this condition.

— low heat conductance;
— low heat conductivity;
— high thermal stability;
— optimum specific resistance;
— simple treatment;
— high purity;
— no electric charge.

Typical properties:

Characteristics: 5 10
Surface density, g/m² 450-580 900-1000
Ash content, % ≤1,7 ≤1,7
Heat conductance at 200 °С, W/(m*K) 0,075 0,075
Heat conductance at 1000°С, W/(m*K) 0,26 0,26
Length, m 25-30 25-30
Width, m 1,2 1,2
Thickness, mm 6±1 11±1,5

Field of application:
— as bulk electrodes for electrolysis extraction of precious metals from solutions;
— in structures of air electric ionization filters (ozonators) for internal-combustion engines;
— for air purification and contamination indoors;
— for filtration purification of metal melts.

Soft carbon felt in combination with graphite foil (graflex) can be used for heat insulation in high-temperature furnaces, including at working temperatures higher than 1800 °C (in an inert gas medium or in vacuum from 10–3 to 10–5 mbar).