New Carbon Fiber Materials has its own manufacturing base on mechanical treatment of graphite and CCCM units.

We propose facilities on the production of a wide range of units: — tubes and screens: used as heaters in resistance furnaces operating in vacuum or in a protective medium, for sintering solid alloys and quartz melting, and in the production of semiconducting and other materials; — boats: used for sintering of solid alloys, melting of rare and semiconducting metals in electric furnaces in a protective atmosphere; — heaters: along with tungsten and molybdenum ones they are used for melting of rare and semiconducting metals and alloys in vacuum and other electric furnaces with a protective atmosphere; — crucibles: used in vacuum and high-frequency furnaces with a protective atmosphere at temperatures up to до 2000 °С, which makes it possible to accelerate metal melting, and the service terms of these crucibles are considerably longer than those of packing ones; — graphite molds, crystallizers used for repetition works of casts from solid alloys and for continuous casting of nonferrous metals; — fasts (bolts, screw-nuts, studs) used for mounting plates, blocks, and heat insulation in high-temperature furnaces; — high-temperature insulation units based on soft and hard graphite felts.

Other units can be produced on the basis of Consumer’s drafts.