About Us

New Carbon Fiber Materials specializes in the production and sale of woven and non-woven frameworks for composite materials, coal and glass-reinforced plastic units, and high-temperature heat-insulating materials.

Assortment of the issued products: — unidirectional carbon fiber ribbon; — woven unidirectional ribbon on the carbon fiber or combined (glass-reinforced fiber, aramid fiber) base; — woven hollow ribbons on the carbon fiber and combined bases; — hard carbon felt based on graphite fibers and carbon binding; — soft carbon felt based on PAN fiber.

Unique properties of our materials make it possible to successfully use them in such areas as: — industrial and civil building; — metallurgical, chemical industries, etc.; — motor-car industry; — aircraft building and shipbuilding; — space industries, etc.

Why it is profitable to work with New Carbon Fiber Materials: — we produce unique materials in short terms by small portions taking into account individual wishes of our clients; — it is possible to use woven and non-woven textile and composite technologies, high-temperature and special mechanical treatment when the order is performed on one industrial area; — we warrant high quality of our products; — we follow technological progress and actively put in manufacturing and use innovative technologies to the manufacturing of our products; — wide possibilities of manufacturing and an individual approach make it possible to satisfy the highest demands of our clients.